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Volta is growing significantly. Despite already working with some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, we are continuously looking to add strategic partners who can help us expand our electric and hybrid boat catalog. If you want to increase your brand visibility and marketing reach, get in touch below.
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Our love for the sea and commitment to protecting it while respecting its marine life forms has led us to turn our passion into a company with an environmental mission: to make boating more sustainable for present and future generations. So in 2016, we founded Volta, the first company in Spain to specialize in hybrid electric and solar motorboats.

Why Volta?

Brands that sell their boats via Volta Yachts receive:

  • Free access to our extensive booking system, where they can also check the status of bookings and other provisions.
  • In-person or online instant customer service provided by a dedicated team to meet both brands and their clients' expectations.
  • The trust and peace of mind that comes with working alongside an experienced global company with a well-established network of satisfied customers and partners from around the world.

Volta helps new hybrid, electric, and solar-powered boat manufacturers promote and sell their brands to their target audiences easily.

Who Is Volta for?

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Who Is Volta for?

We truly love the sea and everything in it, and we know you do too. We all want our clients to be able to continue enjoying the sea now and in the future. So we are committed to protecting and preserving the delicate balance of the ocean ecosystem and the beings that call it home. 

The future of boating is here and is sustainable. Volta is leading the way by making sustainable and cleaner boating its mission. 

See you on the water!

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