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ZenPro 690
Naviwatt increases its electric RIB’s range

After the presentation of the ZenPro 460 and 580, Naviwatt completes its range of RIB’s with the appearance of the brand new ZenPro 690.

Available in 3 versions, OPEN, CAB and GUEST, the ZenPro 690 adapts to all needs.

The ZenPro 690 is powerful. Proof of this is that it is fitted with a 100kW electric inboard motor, equivalent to around 150hp. Thanks to its 84.4 kWh of lithium-ion battery integrated into the boat’s hull, the new RIB from Naviwatt has an optimized range at its maximum.

Intended for professional or leisure use, the ZenPro 690 is CE certified (ISO 6185-3 2014). Always concerned to satisfy ZenPro users, Naviwatt has once again used the best materials for the realization of the largest vessel in the range.

Top speed: 27 knots

Range: 29 h at 5 knots or 1 h at 21 knots

Charging time : 4 h

Main Features

Propulsion: 100% electric

Capacity : 12 pax

Hull : 100% Aluminium 5083H111

Tube : ORCA® 866 1565 gsm

Certification : CE D222/245

Construction : Made in France


Length : 6,9 m

Width : 2,65 m

Tube diameter : 0,55 m

Tube compartments : 5

Inner length : 5,25 m

Inner width: 1,50 m

Hull weight : 760 kg

Total weight : 1650 kg


Motor : DeepBlue 100i

Power : 100 kW (150ch)

Battery : 84,4 kWh

Chargers : 20 kW

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