The VOLT is unmatched on the market with amazing performance. Maximum speed of 48 km/h and a capacity of 11-14 passengers.

Volt 180

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About boat

Take to the sea in style with a Volt 180 that gives more than it takes. Equipped with ePropulsion 3 motors and a battery behemoth, the Volt 180 is a complete electric boating solution.


Featuring upholstered seats and a table for dining, the Volt 180 takes you on exciting family vacations. With the Volt 180 and its low carbon emissions, you would never contaminate the water.


Fully Electric Cruising Boat

The world has leaped electric-powered boats, and so did Volt 180. It's 100% electric, with no use of fossil fuels. And with the powerhouse of a motor that saves energy, this little beast will take you anywhere.

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Versatile design

The Volt 180 produces very low noise and keeps the world clean around you.

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Backed By World-Class Technology

Boasting a powerful 180 hp motor from ePropulsion 3, the Volt 180 houses world-class technology. This keeps it in motion for longer and ensures a smooth, interruption-free ride. It has a max cruising speed of 5 mph and a top speed of 6 mph, the perfect limit for any cruising boat.

Lavish and Premium

When you sit on a cold hard boat bench for hours on end, your back won't be thanking you. Luckily, Volt 180 comes fitted with upholstered furniture that is a lot more merciful to your back and shoulders.

Comfort On-The-Go

The new Volt 180 interior features a wide and spacious deck with upholstered seats circled by a single table. Now family vacations truly feel like a joy ride. With that, you get 3 different styles of canopies to choose from, to keep the riders safe from rain and the sun.

Superior Fiberglass Build

Featuring Vision Marine Technologies' superior fiberglass body, the boat weighs 1600 lbs (720 kg) when empty. So, you can pack more stuff and keep your boat afloat. The fiberglass construction technique used on this boat is akin to what manufacturers use on bigger boats. But, it's bigger technology in a tinier package!

Made For the Era

With a contemporary deck design and a minimalist color scheme, the Volt 180 is for the era. It flaunts modern trends that keep the adventure spirit alive and give you something to boast about with your friends!

Call All Your Friends!

Adventures are never fun alone. With a passenger capacity of 11 people and a wide spacious interior, the Volt 180 is made for everyone. The interior features lavish benches with a comfortable seating arrangement. And the 180-hp motor keeps you moving, no matter how many people are on board.

Hours of Endless Adventure

When out in the waters, you do not want your battery to go down. With Volt 180's powerful Lithium-ion battery, you can stay afloat for up to 10 hours. The actual battery life can vary from 3 to 10 hours, depending on your cruising speed. You can also opt for 3 batteries instead of 2, each of 4 kWh.

No More Noise

With a powerful motor that propels the hull and two 4kWh batteries, the Volt 180 is purely electrical. As a result, it does not generate any significant noise. So, now you can enjoy the complete thrill of the boat ride without having to worry about noise!

A Cleaner World

With its electrical powerhouse and reduced carbon footprint, the Volt 180 paves the way for a cleaner and a safer world. Now you can cruise through the waves without endangering the wildlife around you. Look out for your planet, and it will look out for you!

A Boat Ride Unlike Any Other

Performance means value for money, which is why the Volt 180 goes all out in integrating world-class technology that's not too shy of innovation. With a healthy cruising speed of 5 mph and an ePropulsion 3 motor, you can never go wrong with this boat.


Three words: easy to clean! Boats like the Volt 180 are specially designed to meet specific standards. This makes every component present on the boat durable, reducing the amount of maintenance you must perform. It's a simple and easy way to keep you focused on the journey and not worry about the condition of the boat.

Extreme Personalization

Every captain has their personality, which is why the Volt 180 is fully customizable! It's available in 10 hull colors, 8 seating colors, and 2 deck finishes! In addition to that, you get to choose from 3 styles of canopies and 9 different canopy shades. With the Volt 180, your personality shines out in a boat.

Built To Last

A boat that will last you a lifetime, the Volt 180 has been designed with durability as the primary target. It features a premium fiberglass build with little to no metal parts that could rust. As a result, it's been made to fare every venture fathomable to man.

Cruising All The Way!

The Volt 180 is the perfect cruising companion, given its streamlined design that cuts straight through the water. With its high-powered motor and a straightforward hull, the Volt 180 soars through the water with the perfect speed. In addition, it has a balanced speed of 6 mph at its peak torque, which reduces energy costs and gets the most out of your buck.

Main characteristics

The main characteristics of this boat in numbers

Length - image
5.4 m
Beam - image
2.13 m
Draft - image
0.30 m
Displacement - image
720 kg


5.4 m


2.13 m


0.30 m


720 kg


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Energy & range View more
Max speed up to 5.25 knots
Range 3-10 hours 5 mph
Cruising Speed 5 mph
Range at speed up to 10 hours
Motorisation up to 5 HP
Battery capacity up to 12 kWh
Motors 1 Outboard Motor
Top Speed 6 mph
Motor Manufact. ePropulsion 3
Battery 2-3 x Li-ion 4kW
Base equipment View more
Hull material Fiberglass
Motor Type Outboard
Colour 10
Boat Type Cruiser
E-M Power Output 180 hp
E-Pr Power.utput 5 hp
Hull Colors 10
Upholstery Color 8
Finishes 2
Other View more
Capacity 11 passengers
Empty weight 1600 LBS
Canopy Types 3
Canopy Colors 9
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